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Adventures of the “software cat” are a series of fairy tales, dedicated to children and adults for understanding their everyday life. The fairy tales awaken the imagination of the reader and especially among children, who are now all with gadgets, with the aim of expanding their thinking activity and awakening creativity.
A software cat is a real cat, which by virtue of a number of fantastic circumstances becomes like virtual and he travels to the real fantastic worlds. 
In the fights against cosmic mice, the cat learns the meaning of its earthly and cosmic existence and by its example shows, that Kindness always has to conquer an evil in any of its invented forms.
The plot of the fairy tales flows gently from one story to another, and serves as a continuation of the entire history of virtual adventures of the “software cat”. 
This book is the first part of fairy tales, followed by another one, no less saturated with the virtual adventures of our hero, who is not only a kind of the software, but alive creature, the talking cat, who gladly shares with the people of his thoughts about cat’s life, and the experience of those realities in which he had already visited and handed down the experience of a new life to readers. 
Read the fairy tales, share with each other, maybe a software cat will come to your life, so the life should become more interesting and lucky. 
Forward to the tales of the “software cat”! HOORAY!

This brochure is submitted to the reader with a unique method for looking into the future, with reference to exchange trading on the Forex.
This technique is for developing intuition. According to the author, the information that will be described below in this book, archived in his Soul, and specifically on the mental envelope of the aura of his flesh, and now it is probably time to open this knowledge to people, in order to facilitate that difficult process, which is called — trading on the Forex’s exchange.
This is the method of «Neuro — linguistic programming» of the human psyche, for finding them a superpower, whose name is intuition.

All of us have this phenomenon – an intuition, only for every person this «something» is manifested in its own way. Many of the researchers have tried to understand what is an intuition, how it can be developed, but there were limited definitions of intuition and beyond the theoretical interpretations with similar ability of the person, while some steps were not undertaken. Of all the historically researched definitions of intuition, one can identify several of its important properties, the researchers tried to identify it. An intuition, first of all, is associated with the «foresight», foreplay, premonition and presumption, of the knowledge of the Future. All these phenomena contain a particle «before», it means thereby not to complete or incomplete conditional vision with our paradigm of the consciousness.
The future events an intuition suggest, that every fact of its existence in our mentality, as a super ability, is associated with a certain phenomenon, which is positioned in our consciousness in the paradigm of the future foresight. It would seem, that this is an intuition, because it’s our ability, inherent in the nature of our psyche a priori. However, let’s deal with this phenomenon.

The letters from a new planet is a life after death book of my mother. The book is written in a style of fantasy story, but it reflects the real information that I received in the channeling act from the ascended master of the New Planet, whom my mother became there. The book describes the stages of the manifestation of my mother’s soul in different cosmic worlds of the New Planet, as the ascended master of light. Information outlined in the book shows what history areas of training passed by the soul of my mother until she became an ascended master in the New Planet. This information shows for everybody who reads the book- that the life does not end due to an usual act of death, but has an amazing bright and rich continuation on the events and feelings of a fantastic life on the New Planet, where we will move in the process of individual or collective ascension in the future .The usefulness of this information opens up a new opportunities for individual meditation of each person in the transition to a new life in future. The author of the letters — the new ascended master shows the possibilities that conceal the familiarity with such information — as it unlocks the mental barriers to the transition into a new planet for everyone who acquaints himself with the content of letters. The letters tell about the extraterrestrial civilizations are involved in shaping with the cosmic worlds of the New Planet – the Siriusians, the Pleiadians, the Orionians, the Adromedians and many others. Their models of the transformation within the realities of the New Planet and the opportunities that they open for each soul are shown here. Unlike other evidences of the postmortal experiences, the letters reflect a truthful information is received directly through out of channeling act and on the author’s opinion, as the channeler, it is an interesting story in the literature on bilingualism, an interesting journey of the soul in the cosmic worldstone events within the New Planet. The book does not pretend to a best story has ever written in the style of fantasy, but sheds the light on this topic with a new perspective in the framework of completely different approach with theme — the life after death. What, in principle, does await each person after a death in the future picture of the Earth — there will be an individual approach for everyone who is passing into the thin worlds of the New Planet. But mutual features in the transition process to the New Planet will be taking place there. The life after death experiences stories inspires for people with hope and optimism, that life is beautiful.

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