The most significant element in your WordPress site should be the «Landig page».

This is the page where your future fans and subscribers will first follow into your links from the social networks or from the Internet banner networks where you left your ads.


Landing page is your web face. This is your e-book advertisement.

It should have a short description of your e-book, a book cover and subscription form for your fans.

In the landing page should be a high-quality and small summary text of your electronic or paper book, which you must create yourself.

The text must be in the form of short resume, it should catch interest of the reader, to with your book, so the reader’s pee on YOUR PERSON, with stimulating them of leaving his (her) email in the form of a subscription!

Link to your LENDING PAGE, should be distributed in all advertisement platforms, where you have the accounts. These are the social networks, the special sites, YouTube (here is a special approach — because there is a lot of traffic from YouTube into resources, must be done, if you will accept this information in a professional way)

The autoresponder must be connected to the subscription form.

An example of Landing Page

What for?

To collect email addresses. Emails are the basis of your subscription!

Why do you need a base of emails of your fans?

Base  is the basis of your sales of electronic books.

This means of your dialogue with the audience that interests with you.

The base is the traffic of your readers to your resources on the Amazon or Smashwords, or some other electronic bookstores. Through the database, you inform of your audience, fans about your personal news, they follow the links to your resources or buy your new books or write to you feedback, which is also useful!

Base of subscribers  is your society for discussion about your works with criticism, weaknesses or dignity of the e-book that you have wrote.

So, your LENDING Page is designed to form your SUBSCRIBER BASE.

The basis of LENDING PAGE  IS AUTHOR’S AUTORESPONDER! (I will show you how to connect it to the landing page in a special video)

When you subscribe your fans, you must give them the GIFTS!

Like this:

«Click on the button and get presents».

I use  an autoresponder from the company AIOP!

The services of an autoresponder in this company, compared to a GetResponce answering machine, are much cheaper! For example, the monthly payment in GetResponce is 15$ for 1000 letters instead of 11$ per month in the AIOP, or $ 27 per month in the PRO package in AIOP to compare with the fee 49$ per month for 5000 letters .

AIOP is more preferable service as for me!

In addition, AIOP has a whole team of participants, who simply helps each other and teaches how to quickly and efficiently use the huge arsenal of software for generating traffic to your resources.

I recommend  to Join into AIOP company — this is a great deal.

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