You need feedback into your books!

Let’s exchange with feedback. How to organize it:

The steps are:

  • You’ll send me of your email within subscibe into my newsletter
  • I’ll send you a letter with my works. Than ,You can read them, or you can not read them if you have no time for this. I’ll give you 2 or 3 templates for feedbacks, according to which you make it for my ebook feedback.
  • After that you follow up to my links of electronic store’s sites and leave feedback there.
  • I’ll do the same work for you, when you send me your links with the e-books.
  • At the end of our mutual work — you’ll send me a scan of your feedback on my selling platforms. And I’ll send you a scan of my feedback on your’s electronic platforms.

Of course, you know, that AMAZON requires with receiving feedback for every author, there is should be buying of the products or books on its platform for $ 50.

Only after that action, You can write reviews to the other authors.

This must be done, because if we want to sell our books on  the Amazon Kindle, we must accept the rules of it’s game.

Also, you can place of your books in the Smashwords platform!

There is no need to pay extra money for posting reviews on the books.This is great advantage of it Sign up also on this platform.

Browse deeper into the possibilities of Smashwords and you will be convinced of it. It is said, that Smeshwards poorly promotes books that have no reviews at all.

But reviews and feeedbacks over the books are needed for every author!

Let’s start sharing with feedback of our e- books!

Let’s help for each other! No anybody, but we are would make this deal!

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