Sources of Traffic for Your E-books

Obviously, that I will not reveal to anyone the secret — the main milestones in this direction are:

  • SEO — website optimization (external and internal) for the requirements of search engines in order to occupy high positions in the organic issue of targeted queries.
  • Different types of online advertising:
  • Context  Google Advords)
  • Advertising
  • Email Marketing (Newsletters)
  • Teaser networks
  • Promotion in social networks (SMM)
  • Placement in various of the trading platforms and services  Google Merchant, Wikimart, etc.).
  • Indirect Advertising — Viral Marketing, Internet Conferences, Sponsorship

We have highlighted an important milestones of promoting your resources. These are all ways to achieve what will be the most important for you — TRAFFIC ON YOUR SITE!

SEO — website optimization will give  an organic traffic from the search engines.

Context —  it will provide the traffic either by high-frequency or low-frequency queries.
Banner advertising — into the sites with high traffic — will provide you with the arrival of visitors who have followed your banners into your resource. This is a kind of «weaning» of traffic from other resources.
E-mail newsletters — if you do this in «someone else’s» mailings or «someone else’s bases» you will replenish your subscription base or attract customers to your offers.
Social networks — huge traffic to your resources and a huge source of subscribers, if you automate this process
The use of paid services for generating traffic are an effective methods of organizing the flow of the visitors to your resource and are an excellent opportunity to replenish your subscription base.
Indirect advertising is the distribution of your e-books and courses, where you advertise of your web resources or your products. This is a technique, so-called. «viral traffic» or «word of mouth» traffic. For this fits various kinds of free newsletters.

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