How and for what to write an article for the site?

What types of articles attract the visitors? How to write an article that will be read from the beginning to end? A list of 25 types of articles that will definitely help you always to know what to write about, and your site will have good traffic.

What type of an articles will attract the attention of the reader and he will read it with pleasure? The Idea  of  the generator for creating articles, posts, notes. What to write an article about or how to improve the user factor of your resource.

«I want to briefly describe 25 types of articles for promotion and promotion of your site. These categories have very good conversion rates from search engines. As well as these, as a rule, I read them from beginning to end. The article is written with high quality, and it able to really help the reader solve his question, and of course gives a complete answer on this issue.

So, a list of 25 types of articles.
1. How it is — you begin to write an article with the word how such articles are in demand because they give a step-by-step algorithm  of  the practical action and give the answer «how to achieve goal X or how to complete  the task U». It is quite simple to write them if you know exactly how to solve these problems X and U. For example, «How to write an article?»
2. Mini FAQ — this type of  the article will be in demand among the existing target audience. Since it is connected with questions and answers to them that are already interested for the people. For example: you somewhere found 5-10 questions on your site or on forums on the topic «How to write an article?». You can safely write the answers to these questions in the form of an article. It will turn out like this 10 hot questions and answers on tthe opic X. Or 5 questions and answers on the topic U. This type is good idea in that you solve two questions at once. 1 you should write a new article, and 2 you will give the feedback to the readers of your site.
3. Mini Interviews. Just do an article with detailed questions from your colleague on a particular topic. For example, “Internet-undertook X reveals the secrets of how he earned his $ 1000” “Mr. U share his secret of earning” All people are interested to learn from a personal example of interest to their question. Also, people are interested in learning something secret.
4. The list — that is, in your article you prescribe and give a list of ideas, methods, secrets, etc. In practice, it may look like «10 ways to quickly build a subscription base.» Such articles are read from beginning to end, because I want to look at the entire list.
5. Analysis of a real example — everyone would like to know really how a person was able to lose 10 kg, earn the money, increase attendance, and so on. People are interested in knowing from the history of other people.
6. Guide — this type of article will help a person find out exactly where this or that information can be found. For example: 10 sites for webmasters.
7. Ideological generator — this type is similar to the list only narrowly focused solely on the idea. For example, “100 ideas for creating capture pages”, “27 ideas for writing an article”, “50 ideas for X” In a word, take an idea and give it in an expanded form.
8. The first month / year — in such an article you can describe how you spent your month or year in company X. For example, the first month of site building, or the first school year of my daughter, etc.
9. Workaround — all of us people, each of us wants to know a workaround, a secret move, a cheat code for something. Something with which you can outwit the system. For example: «Secret exit code for the TOP of search engines.»
10. Advanced Guide — This article is designed for advanced users, and collects a more experienced audience. But all users read it very well. For instance; «Ways to get into the top search engines for advanced»
11. Time period — in such an article you have set a specific time period for your reader. For example, “Launch a business system and Earn your first money in 7 days.” These articles are read very well because they provide a concrete solution on how to solve the U problem in time X.
12. Personal profile — this type of article is written on with personal example. You open the question in a particular topic and show the answer how you personally have solved this issue and what results you achieved. Great type of article to mount your audience. For example: «How I collected a subscription base of 500 people in 1 day.» In this type of article, you can show both your results and the results of your partners who were personally trained by you.
13. Planning / Schedule — writing this article is quick and easy if you are very good at this niche. It is very similar to the type of article “time period”, but it answers  of the question of how and for how much. This type describes the schedule, without a description of specific actions. That is, how to achieve goal X in time Y, in steps. For example: “Weekly plan to launch a business system”
14. What? Where? When? — You should write an article for example: “What is your business?” “Where to find the target audience?” “When will people themselves want to build a business with you?”
15. Saving — people like to save and such

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