How to create banners that receive clicks?

1) The title is a magnet

Like copywriting, it all starts with a headline that attracts people’s attention.

It may be something that causes thoughts or something that may cause people to desire. For example

«Guaranteed profits from the stock market ???»
“I earn at least $ 2,000 a week. See how I do it! »

You can exaggerate if you can confirm what they said.

Below is an example of a banner that is too conservative. Such a banner is unlikely to cause much excitement.

2) Call to action is bait

The wording in the banner should be kept to a minimum. Most likely, you will have a headline that I explained earlier, and then a call to action.

The goal of the headline is to get people to read. The goal of the call to action is to make people click.

So what makes people click? The trick is to create an expectation.

A call to action should give the audience something to count on. This “something” must be so bright that if they do not click on the banner, they will feel that they are missing something. For example,

«Get 20 free insurance.»
«A free video shows you how.»

Think out of the box when it comes to a call to action. See the example below. A call to action is an image of a video waiting to be played. Some people may become so used to pressing the play button that they can subconsciously press a button.

3) Forget about the banner, think about the links

People are currently blind, but they are not blind. This means that when they see words like “click here,” a hyperlink, a download button, or even a video playback button, they click.

If you want your banner to receive clicks, you need your banner to look like a link, not like a banner.

This is an example of a professional looking banner.

This is an example of a banner that looks like a link.

Who do you think will get more clicks?

4) Use graphics to

I am not against graphics, but we need to know what the purpose of using graphics in a banner is. The purpose of using graphics — to attract attention.

See the example below:

Anyone looking for a vacation or a cruise vacation will be attracted to see what this offer is about.

Here is another good use of graphics that shows before and after using the product.

5) Keep it simple

The last key I want to emphasize is to try to keep your banner clean. Do not pack it with a lot of graphics and formulations, so at first glance it’s hard to say what you are trying to offer.

Here is an example of what I mean.

The banner above is full of words and graphics. At first glance, it is confusing?

How about this example:

It has a good headline that will attract the attention of people having the same problem. It also created an expectation of «1 secret that could lose more than 40 pounds.» Last but not least, his bold design sets him apart from other professional-looking banners. It can be ugly and simple, but I’m pretty sure that he gets clicks.

Creating a banner is not rocket science. If you follow the tips above, you can also create effective banners.


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