«Leveraged» Information = MORE Website Traffic
By: Mark Smock

If leveraging unique or proprietary information is one of your fundamental strategies to increase unique visitor traffic to your web based business, then it is important to understand seven fundamental information perspectives you can use to give your company the edge it needs to effectively compete in the marketplace.

As the internet continues to evolve and become more competitive, the dependency of the quality of the information you provide via your website becomes more critical to market niches.

As information processors we rarely, consciously think about HOW we absorb all the information we take in via the internet. It is reasonable to assume that two of our six senses, vision and hearing, represent the most significant means used to absorb information on the web. Although seeing copy and hearing sounds coming from information provided, it makes sense from a strategic marketing perspective, to take a moment to evaluate how virtual information can be best absorbed via seven fundamental information perspectives.

Seven Fundamental Information Perspectives

1) Information Exclusivity:
* How unique, original or proprietary is your website information?
* Infinite choices of common information equates to clutter and boredom.
* The «value» of information provided is always unique to every visitor
* Emphasizing the uniqueness of your information also gives it more worth

2) Information Quantity:
* How much website information is too much?
* Detail overload can quickly exceed site visitor’s interest levels
* Volume of information provided should correlate with the breadth of the information requirements of your targeted market niche

3) Information Distinction:
* How unique should your website words and terms be?
* Markets and industries have distinct information terms and sayings
* Try to «talk the talk» of your targeted market niche on your website
* Distinctive information can be the critical purchase decision variable

4) Information Accuracy:
* How accurate does your website information have to be?
* Information accuracy requirements correlate to the potential liability of negative consequences that result from information incorrectness.
* Earning the trust of your website visitors is an on going, consistent process

5) Information Timeliness:
* How «current» does your website information have to be?
* The speed of information delivery often adds perceived value
* Often competitive advantage goes to the source with the «information shortcut»
* Out-of-date information is often associated with poor customer service

6) Information Interactivity:
* To what degree are website visitor responses critical to intended message absorption rates and communication effectiveness?
* Maintaining a dialogue with your visitor equates to increased loyalty
* Increasing dependency of visitor responses decreases broadcast effectiveness

7) Information Format:
* What is the most effective way to structure your website messages?
* Information absorption is best achieved in small increments
* Simplifying the visual structure of your website information «invites» readership
* User-friendly information navigation maximizes visitor website involvement

Every web based business is vulnerable to new competitors within their targeted virtual market niches. There will inevitably always be someone else who can provide the same or similar product, service or information in a different way or via other creative communication tactics. Although different is not always better, as a virtual customer solution provider you are obligated to always focus, understand and improve your website visitor’s perceptions and their ability to «get your message».

Understanding the seven fundamental perspectives of information flow can make a significant difference in your ability to differentiate your virtual messages from the increasing bandwidth of information flow on the internet.

Author Bio
Mark Smock is 30+ year veteran of the sales profession and President of www.business-buyer-directory.com, the FIRST international business buyer directory of its kind. Business Buyer Directory provides a non-traditional means for proactive business buyers to locate businesses for sale worldwide that meet their exact registered purchase criteria.

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