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Magic of YouTube

Step7. Create YouTube channel and download a large number of videos about your literary life

In order to get a lot of traffic from the visitors to your sites, you need to upload large amount of video into YouTube, which should catch the viewers by its originality.

To create an original video, you need to have special programs, that will clone  the famous videos and than «add them» in the matter of your video content.

Video clips must be prepared so that they can be uploaded immediately in the first 48 hours in order to get into the enchantment, because Youtube assigns your videos to the “new” category during this time.

You should upload videos as often as possible from 10 — 20 videos within a month.

Do not forget about video optimization.The description of your video should include.

  • catchy title
  • keywords
  • possibly links to your subscription page on a blog or site.

Optimization will help you get into Top Youtube and in the category «related videos».

Use special services to help you promote your video on YouTube.

Use social networks to advertise your video on YouTube.

If you want to make a video about your book. Here is my advice:

Your video should contain:

  • your image
  • your speech, through which you share with pesonal news, and with plans of your litrary work,
  • your written book, her plot
  • heroes and a happy ending to your story.
  • The video should not be big — 2 -3 min.

Make the videos for each chapter of your work. Pick up the necessary video backgrounds and record them for each chapter, so that you must have a whole cycle of videos approximately  to one subject.

Fill in all the clips, as previously described, within 48 hours. Write under them keywords and phrases.

Use special programs, that allow you to make such video clips, for example CamtasiaStudio.



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