Module 2: Tools


In this module we are going to set up some tools to help you with your business.

Email Adress for business.

First, head over to and create two accounts, one for mail and one for list.

I suggest that you include the words «mail» and «list» in the account names, to make it easy for you to know which is which — for instance, my accounts are «chookysmail» and «chookyslist.»

Why Gmail?

First, it is less likely to filter out the emails that you want than other email programs (although is does sometimes throw things into the «spam» folder, so if you are waiting for a confirmation email for something and it doesn’t come, it is a good idea to check there.)

Second, because it is permanent. Yes, you have an email address through your ISP — but if you move house our change ISP, you will lose it, which means updating all your programs (and in some cases, if you don’t have the email you signed up with, this is impossible to do.)

Also, Gmail does not limit the amount of mail you can receive in a given time — something that will happen through the email accounts supplied by most ISPs.


AIOP Note: Although, it is a limit to the free storage for free gmail account, you can easily delete the unwanted emails and clean your gmail to keep it un-bouncing, so will be always available and safe for your business.


BTW, even if you already have a Gmail account, I would still suggest that you set up these two new ones, so that you can keep things to do with this program separate from the rest of your mail. I’ll explain the reason for the «mail» and «list» accounts later.


AIOP Note: An other VERY important reason to use gmail:  is the  free email provider that secures your log in with both password and SMS on your mobile phone, or lets you generate and save log in codes instead of  SMS,  to use them if you don`t have access to your phone.

This is so much important because if your email is hacked, the hacker can retrieve your log in details for all the programs you are working with, go into your accounts and even ask for your money.

IMPORTANT: use a separate secured email address only for your online payment processors and never use that email address to sign up in various programs!


If you don’t already use Firefox as your browser, I would strongly suggest that you install it. It is much more user-friendly than  IE, and has some features that will help you. You can get it for free at Firefox

 Let`s go back to your  OpenOffice  tool, and create a new spreadsheet in OpenOffice and label it :  «Programs.»

File it in your business folder.

In your «Programs» spreadsheet you are going to set up a number of sheets.

By default, you have three, but it is easy to add more.

First of all, on the first sheet that comes up, go to «Format/Sheet/Rename» and change the name of the sheet to :  «Main.»

Now on the top line, enter the headings «Program Name» «User Name» «Password» «Email» «Referral URL» «Cloaked URL» (I’ll explain this last one later) «Splash Page» and «Cloaked Splash.» You might also want to add «Comments.»

Add the initial details for the income programs you have joined to the main sheet.

You can widen the columns to fit your headings by clicking on the line between them in the top bar (where it says a, b, c etc) and dragging it across. You can also make the headings bold by clicking on the number at the side of the row and clicking the «B» for bold.

Do the same on the next two sheets (you can navigate to them by clicking the links at the bottom of the page) and label them:

«TEs Daily» and «TEs Day 1» respectively, then add the same headings.

Now you are going to need to add extra sheets.

Go to «Insert/Sheet» and when the pop-up box appears select «after the current sheet» and label it «TEs Day 2».

Set up the same headings on that sheet, then add more sheets labeled «TEs Day 3» «TEs Day 4» with the same headings. Later you can add more sheets for extra TE groups.

Now add three more sheets, with the labels:

 «Safe Lists» «Text Ads» and «Other Programs» and the same headings.

I strongly suggest that as you go through and join the various programs (don’t worry, they are mostly free and the few that aren’t are optional) you use the same username and password where possible, but there are a few that won’t allow you to choose for yourself, and by having all the information at your fingertips in this way you are going to save yourself a lot of headaches. (Believe me — been there, done that 🙂 )

(NOTE: It is wise to use different passwords for each of the programs in which you have a financial investment.)

Go to the member page for each of the income programs that you joined and find your referral URL. Paste  these URLs into your traffic spreadsheet on the «Main» sheet, along with the other details for the programs.

HINT 1: Before pasting any URL into the spreadsheet, go to Tools/AutoCorrectOptions/Options and uncheck «URL recognition.» When you paste the URL, go to Edit/PasteSpecial and select «Unformatted text.» That will prevent it turning the URL into a clickable form that is difficult to edit.

HINT 2: Any time you are recording a password on your computer, do it in an abbreviated or disguised form that only you will recognize. You never know when you might need to take your computer for repairs, and whilst you can probably trust the repair guy, it is better not to take chances.

HTML Editor. Another free tool that you will find useful is Arachnophilia (  link opens in a new window). This is a free html editor that will allow you to create and edit html pages, and is really easy to use.


NOTE from AIOP:  for Windows OS users the link to dowload Arachnophilia is at the point 2 of the Documentation and Download/ Acquire the Arachnophilia executable. download the Windows executable installation program Arachnophilia.exe  (2.6 MB). For any issues, just in case visit the  arachnophilia page, keep it bookmarked.  Nowadays Java is installed on every computer, is just you`ll need to have Java updated to last version, and usually it updates by itself.

You can use of course, other html web page builders, like Kompozer or any other that allows you to create a page on your computer and save it as html then export it on your hosting account,  but this starter training is based on Lynn`s user experience and shared by her.

A HTML editor is also useful when you want to create an email body in html, then copy the source code and use it.


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