Module 4: Autoresponder
Module 3.

In this module we are going to set up your autoresponder.

Log in to your AIOP account, and click on Autoresponder.


AIOP Note: You have a default campaign tided to your username and name registered with AIOP. Everytime you log into your autoresponder account, you will automatically be logged in that campaign. If you want to switch to any other campaign you have created, you must always click  the link «Go» and make ACTIVE the campaign you want to work with.

In autoresponder  look for the User Guide link. There is a User Guide — PDF file — with screen shots to guide through the basic setup.  You`ll find also a series of basic autoresponder setup videos, that may help you too.


The first thing you need to do is set up a campaign.

Click “Campaigns” and enter your campaign id, campaign name and email address. Click submit.


AIOP Note:  In order to get accustomed with campaign creation we suggest you to just make a few letters campaign for AIOP promotion. You may  quick create  that by using some text from the email ads we provide in AIOP  back office under the Promote button, as suggestions for safelists advertising. You can change the campaign letters later.

Next you need to add content to your autoresponder.


AIOP NOTE: Make sure you are logged in the campaign you are working with, by clicking «Go». Always  check the left top side to see which campaign is active.


Click on Autoresponders, then on “Edit Autoresponders.” I suggest you use “html enhanced” as your message type.

You will need to add a signature, and to meet legal requirements this must contain your address and a statement to the effect that you have a material relationship with products and programs that may be mentioned in your emails, and will receive compensation in cash or kind should the reader choose to buy or sign up through links in your emails.

I suggest you set this up in a text document and save it in your business folder on your computer, and copy and paste it into each email.

Leave the first message of your autoresponder series set to go out at an interval of “0” days — in other words, it will go out as soon as your subscriber confirms his/her subscription.

Set the other messages up in the same way, spacing them 2-4 days apart.

Note that this autoresponder measures days from the beginning of the series, rather than from the previous email. So if you want messages to go out 3 days apart, you would set them for day 3, day 6 and so on.


AIOP NOTE: It`s the day(s) number AFTER subscribing.

Also, we strongly recommend  you to consider some very important things:

  1. Use the letter editor html enhanced to write your emails. It looks much better, it gives the option to add fonts, size, colours and images, and to hyperlink the links in your email.

2.Always write  your letters draft  text in a Notepad text editor, because if you use a word doc to write a draft, the office word doc has also it`s own html form that may interfere with the Editor html code.

Consider line breaks for your text so the lines  will be not too long. Readers HATE long lines.

Use paragraphs, text blocks to make the text easier to be read. Save your draft text. Copy it.

Paste it into the autoresponder  Editor in html option then you may edit it using various fonts,

colours, adding images, hyperlink the links, etc.  (you`ll  need to host the images somewhere).


(the short lines and text blocks used above to write the indication are an example how you should break the lines of your email text)

  1. Be very careful. After you edit your letter text in autoresponder Editor, ALWAYS, ALWAYS COPY it first, BEFORE PRESSING SAVE.

For security reasons, the autoresponder will time you out and you may loose all your work if you press Save without copying first the content you wrote.

  1. When you use links in your emails: you may use the links directly in email or use a text like CHECK HERE or CLICK HERE or any text that at click will open a website.

Clickable text may looks suspicious to many people, as was used to many times for hacking, so people may be cautious and not click but delete your emails. But it`s at your risk  if you choose to use the clickable  text instead of visible link.

However, in both cases, in html editor, click the small chain icon, will open a small pop up, paste there the target link, then set it to open in a New Window and close the pop up.

  1. If you want to add images in your email body, click the small image icon in the html editor, then paste your image URL in the small pop up that will open, set it to open in a new window, then close the pop up.

If you already have a html version of an email ad or a letter you want to use in the autoresponder, then in the email body Editor Html, click the small icon that says «html»(some other editor use the word Source instead of html, is the source html code so is the same) and will open a larger pop up window where you paste your html code for your letter, SAVE and close it. You will see then the straight text of your letter in the Editor. Click Save the message always.You need to host or upload the image somewhere and get the URL for that image. You can use either AIOP  hosting account or,  for instance, use images uploaded to free sites like or and get your image URL from there, then add it to your email.


Next you need to create a sign up form.

You will use this in two places — on your web site, and in your squeeze pages.

In your autoresponder account,  make sure you are logged in the Active campaign you are creating, then click on «Prospects», and scroll right down till you see “HTML Form.”

Choose any fields you want to add to your form as well as the standard “Name” and “Email.”

(HINT: The more fields you include, the less likely people are to sign up. I would suggest at most you include “Country,” but unless you would really like to know where your subscribers are coming from, don’t even include that.)


AIOP NOTE: The less data you`ll choose to collect from people, the more chances will be for you to get them subscribe.


In the “Return url” field, put your URL  for the  business you promote if  is for something else or  your AIOP referral link when you promote AIOP . (NOTE: it has to be the full URL — including http:// or https:// depending on the protocol used by the site)


AIOP NOTE: When people sign up to your page, they will see on the next screen, the AIOP-Response  default Thank you page with the indication to look for the mail even in their spam folder and to whitelist YOUR email  address used for that campaign. On the default page is also a Click Here link, to continue.

When you add a return URL to your Sign up form, if they click here link, they will see the return url page set by you.

Using a redirect URL at this stage, may be good or not. Because people may get distracted and forget to check their Inbox to confirm the subscription. At the same time, the return url increases the chances to get people attention for your offer.  The only way to find how is better for you is to split test your campaign.


Using a return url AFTER people click on the confirmation link in the  confirmation email sended by the system when they fill in the form on your page, THAT is much better to do.

Log into the campaign you create by clicking GO, then click  click «Account», then click «Edit Settings», scroll down a bit and you`ll see «Opt In URL» …follow the instruction there and put your desired URL. When people click on the confirm link in the confirmation email they will see your chosen page. Plus they will keep receiving your emails.—————————————


Choose the colours for your sign up form background, labels, text

Use the option of color picker provided in the autoresponder to set your  sign up form colours.

If you want even more coloures for your form you may go to

There you will be able to select the colours you want, and get the hex code, which you can then paste into your form maker.

When you have finished with your sign up form setting, click “generate form.”

DON`T forget to click SAVE the form.

You can save 3 forms for every campaign you create. It will give you the html code for your form, which you can then copy and paste into your web site.

(HINT: the best way to do this is to use a text widget in the sidebar. Log in to your WordPress back office and go to Appearance/Widgets. Drag a text widget into the sidebar of your choice, and paste the form code into the widget. Check that you are happy with the placement by viewing your site. If you are not, you can always drag the widget to a different position.)

Next we are going to create a splash/squeeze(LCP) page.

You could just use the Ready Made splash  and lead capture pages in your AIOP  promotional area, but there are a couple of reasons why that is really not the best idea.


AIOP NOTE: We provide  Ready Made marketing material including lead capture pages(squeeze). All the LCPs have  attached a Ready Made campaign with follow up letters that have your own AIOP  referral link.

We strongly recommend everyone to either duplicate the company Ready Made page(s) and the campaign attached to page, OR make your own capture page in order to  build your own list.

When you duplicate the page+campaign, following the instruction in your autoresponder  account, all the subscribers to your duplicate page will be on your own list, regardless of joining AIOP or not.

If you don`t duplicate the ready made materials or don`t build your own page and campaign, you will see the prespects only if and after they sign up in AIOP.

Below, Lynn explains why you should have your own lead capture page, which we strongly recommend too, for the same reasons:



lots of other people are likely to be using those splash pages — and when people have seen the same page over and over, they tend to become blind to it.


by creating a squeeze page with your autoresponder form on it, you have a chance to follow up prospects. It is a proven fact that most people need several exposures to a product or program before they buy or sign up.

Your autoresponder ensures that those exposures come from you, not from someone else.


by collecting your prospects’ email addresses you are able to build a relationship with them, to help them with good content and to introduce them to other programs and products that might interest them.

 So, in your AIOP members area, click on Splash Builder.

Give your splash page a name — it doesn’t really matter what, it is just for your own reference.

Choose “Picture Squeeze Page” and click “Update Template.”

Click “Go Back to edit page.”

Enter a title, description and keywords, and choose a background color (from the colour picker  provided in splashbuilder or use the color picker you used previously to get the hex code.)

If you would like to have a picture as the background, click “Change Picture” and select a category from the drop-down menu, then a picture from those offered.  You can upload your own pictures if you want.

You can also do this for the body background.

Update the template and go back to edit.

Next, grab the sign up form html code for your autoresponder campaign  and paste it into the AR Code area. Do not change anything!!

Next, choose a picture for your header, update the template and go back to edit.

Now enter a heading, sub heading and a list of benefits they will receive by joining the program.

See the sample splash page to get an idea — but don’t just copy it!

These sections can be edited just as you would with any standard word processor.

Update the template and scroll down to see your page. If you are not happy with it, keep working on it until you are. Once you are pleased with it, go back to “Splash pages” and you will see your page listed with the link beside it.



AIOP NOTE: Always click Update to save your work. You can also preview your page.

In AIOP back office under the button Tutorials, you can find 3 videos with general view about how to use the splash/squeeze builder.


One final step. Go to your AIOP Tracker (or any tracker you want to use) . Enter your link for your squeeze page into the tracking link builder, and grab the URL it produces. You are going to use this for your advertising.

Now you are ready to start promoting.

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