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 Today we are going to get down to the business of promoting your business through manual Traffic Exchanges. If you are not familiar with them,  manual Traffic Exchanges (or TEs) are sites where you can have your website shown to other people in return for looking at theirs. Clicking on their sites you earn credits to show you websites.

The reason that we are  working  with Traffic Exchanges is simply that they are a quick, easy and effective way to get visitors to your site. In fact, many of you will have found the All In One Profits web page through a Traffic Exchange — a testimony to their effectiveness! TEs are not generating organic traffic, but next we will move on to other methods of generating short term traffic, and later to ways to develop long term, ongoing traffic to your site, but for now TEs are the quickest way to get your business launched.

Before we get started, you need to think about how you are going to schedule your TE browsing.

You are going to be joining a lot of TEs — I know that sounds overwhelming, but don’t worry, we are going to break it down into chunks.

You don’t have to join every TE in the downline builder, but I do suggest you join as many as possible. You may find in other TEs you will use, downline builders promoting lots of  TEs you should join.There are 4 that you sould  be using every day, and the rest will be divided into groups that you will surf together with those 4.

Now, before you decide how to divide up the remaining sites, you need to decide how many days a week you can give to surfing.

I suggest you try for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 6 (you need one day a week off to give time to your family and other things.) However, sometimes 5 days might not work with your schedule, and you would prefer to do a bit extra time for 4 days a week. That’s fine, but I would suggest you try not to go below that.

These remaining TEs,( apart of 4 TEs that you should surf daily) can be spread over a 2 to 3 week cycle.

For instance, if you are planning on surfing 5 days a week and want to do a 2 week cycle (a total of ten days,) you will have some days with 7 TEs and some days with 8 TEs. Five days with a three week cycle (total fifteen days) will give you 5 sites most days, 6 on a couple.

4 days on a three week cycle (total 12 days) will give you some days with 6TEs and some with 7TEs.

When you have decided how many days you want in your  surfing cycle, open Firefox.

Go to the Bookmarks menu and create a new folder. You do this by right-clicking anywhere in the dropdown box and selecting «New Folder.

» Label it «Traffic Exchanges.» Then within that folder create subfolders — right-click on your «Traffic Exchanges» folder then select «New Folder» — and label them «Daily» «Day 1» «Day 2» etc, up to the number of days you have decided to dedicate to surfing TEs. You will bookmark your TEs in these folders, per day group, as you join them.

Now go to your Open Office spreadsheet  at Programs and create new sheets for the number of days in your TE cycle, using the same headings as for your other sheets.

To join the TEs, go to your AIOP  Downline Builder.  There are several Traffic Exchnges  listed there. Each program has a banner for you to click to join the program.

After you have joined, don’t forget to go back to your Downline Builder back office and click on the «Update» link to enter your referral id for that program, so that those you refer will be joining through your link. (It is MUCH easier if you do this one at a time, as you join each program.)

Here’s a few things you need to know about TEs before we start.

We are going to surf these exchanges in groups, and you will have them all open in the same browser in different tabs (assuming you took my advice and installed Firefox!)

Firefox allows you to move between tabs using the keyboard shortcut Control+Tab, which means that you can use your left hand to shift tabs and your right hand to click where needed. If you are left handed, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control+PageDown, and operate the mouse with your left hand.

Alternatively, you can go to «Tools» in your Firefox toolbar, then to «Add-ons» and «Get Add-ons» and search for Tab Mix Plus. After you have installed this plug-in and restarted your browser, your tools menu will show «Tab Mix Plus Options».

Click on «Tab Features.»

I find that configuring it to rotate every 6 seconds works well on my computer, but you might need to play with it a little to find the best option for you. Once you have this configured, pressing F8 will cause your browser to automatically move from one tab to the next after the time you have set. If you want to stop at a page, just press F8 again to stop the rotation. (I absolutely love this plug-in — it makes surfing TEs sooooo much easier!)

I strongly suggest that you surf with the sound turned off — unfortunately many people promote pages that have sound that starts automatically, and you really don’t want to have 4 or 5 people talking at once through your computer! 😉 Actually, I use my surfing time as motivation time — I have a small mp3 player onto which I have loaded some affirmations, and I listen to it while I am surfing.

Most TEs work  by showing you a picture and asking you to click on the matching picture, after the time for viewing the site is up. A few have words you have to click, and one occasionally throws up simple sums. Some can be a little tricky at first to figure out, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy.

As you surf through the sites, don’t let yourself be distracted.

If you see something that interests you and you want to follow up, right click anywhere in the frame, and select «this frame»/ «bookmark this frame» and get on with surfing. That way you can come back and check it out after you finish surfing. (But remember what we said at the beginning about keeping your focus.)

If you come to a window where the surf bar has not loaded or the countdown has not finished, just move on to the next tab and catch that one on the next round. If you come to one where the countdown has finished but the page is not showing, click to go on anyway.

Be careful as you go through to look out for competitions run by the TEs, or bonus opportunities. Most of the TEs have these, and they serve both to give you extra points and to check that you are not cheating.

As you join each TE, you will need to give an email address, and to click the link in a verification email before your membership becomes active.

Use your «mail» address for most of them, but some of the TEs you will be joining also have mailing lists incorporated in them. For these, I suggest you use your «list» address to sign up, and make a note in your spreadsheet that they include mailing lists.

When you join each TE, you will be asked to add a site.  This is where you add the tracked  link for your squeeze page.

Some ask during the sign-up process, others you do it after you have signed up and confirmed your email address. For a few you have to surf some sites before you can add yours.

I have not had any problem using cloaked links in TEs, but if you do have any difficulty, simply use the normal URL for your squeeze page.

Once you have done this and your site is active, in most cases you will be able to auto-assign credits. In some cases you can do this on the same page as adding your site, but in others you will need to look for a button that says «Assign Credits» or «Auto-assign.» Set your auto-assign to 100%.

In the few cases where you are not able to auto-assign, make a note of  it in your spreadsheet and be sure to go back after a day’s surfing and assign the credits. Also note the ones where you have to surf some sites before you can add yours, and be sure to go back and add your site after you have surfed.

(It’s a good idea to check in to your member’s area regularly anyway, as any bonus credits you pick up will not be auto-assigned, you will have to assign them manually.)

Most sites also allow you to add banners and text ads, some require you to use your surf credits for them, others include them separately. A few let you run banners and texts without credits as long as your sites have credits assigned to them. As you go through adding your sites, also add one or more of the AIOP banners and text ads wherever you can. Or for any other website you promote.

To find your affiliate link for the sites, look for «Affiliate Tools» or «Promotion» or something similar.

Also I should warn you that with every site you join you will have to wade through the inevitable «One Time Offer» (unfortunately in some cases a 3 or 4 times offer!) It’s annoying, but it’s the price you pay for a free service. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the «No Thanks» link.

Just one more caution before we start. We are going to be surfing for at least half an hour, five days a week. That takes some bandwidth. If your ISP offers extra «off peak» time, and if it is convenient for you to do so, I suggest you use it. If you don’t have around 10Gb of bandwidth available to you, you might need to upgrade your plan with your ISP. If you are already a member of any of these sites, enter your existing details in your spreadsheet as we go, but be sure to bookmark them in the appropriate folders so that you can surf them together.

You are going to spend the next week setting up your TEs.

First, set up the first four. Go to each site and sign up.

Once you have confirmed your email address, log in and set up your sites. Grab your referral URL and paste it, along with your other details for that site, into your Traffic spreadsheet we made at the other module. Before you leave the site, bookmark it in your «Daily» folder in «Traffic Exchanges» in your Firefox Bookmarks.

Once you have set these up, go to your «Daily» folder in your bookmarks. As you hover over the folder, you will see a drop-down list of all the sites you have bookmarked there (it should be the four you have just joined.)

At the bottom there is a line that says, «Open all in tabs.» Click it and, hey presto! you will have all four sites open in different tabs.

Now you need to set up the extra TEs. Work out how many you are going to be using each day, according to the cycle you decided upon earlier, and divide them into groups of that number.

As you join each one, note the details in your spreadsheet, and bookmark the site in the appropriate folder in your Firefox bookmarks.

By the way, if you are wondering why we are joining so many TEs, it is so that your ads can get the widest possible exposure. If you only surf one or two TEs, your ads are being shown to the same people over and over. This way they are reaching a much wider audience. Some of the TEs we are joining have been around for ages, and have a huge membership base. Others are just new on the scene, so are working hard to build their membership (fresh eyeballs to see your ads.)

As you join each group of TEs, take a little time to surf through them. And don’t forget to add your referral links for the TEs you have joined to the Downline Builder, so that those you refer to AIOP will join them through your links.

One final word on TEs — if you have a little bit of cash to spare, you might consider upgrading in a few. This gives you free credits each month, and also increases the ratio of times your site is shown to the number of sites you view. A few where I have found an upgrade worthwhile are HitsBoosterPro, FastCashAndTraffic (where an upgrade also lets you send email to 2000 every 3 days) and FrogHits (where an upgrade gets your site also rotated in other exchanges.) A word of warning, though — if you do upgrade, or take a paid subscription for monthly hits, check to make sure those hits are actually being received by your site. I took a paid sub with 1 site only to find later that, although the hits were being credited to my account, my sites were only receiving a fraction of them — with the result that I had a huge backlog of hits accumulated. Needless to say, I unsubscribed quickly!

Also, there are TEs that may work interconnected  for super surf offers, giving you at least 10% credits plus if surfing at all  at once, if you find such, use them.

Once you have all your TEs set up, get into a routine of spending at least half an hour on the days you have scheduled for surfing to surf the first 4 plus the group for that day.

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