Module 9:  Classifieds, Text Exchanges and Viral Builders

Module 7

 In this very brief module we are going to look at Classifieds, Text Exchanges and Viral Traffic.


Online classifieds work much the same way as classifieds in your local newspaper. They can be a great source of traffic to your web site, if used correctly.

Find or create a free report, preferably about making money online (since that is the area in which we are working.) If you Google “Free PLR” you will quickly find something suitable to give away. (If you upgrade to Gold Membership you will receive extra promotional tools each month, some of which will be reports that you can rebrand with your affiliate links and use as giveaways.)

The report should be a pdf file. Upload it to your web site. To do this, log in to your cpanel account (this is your main website back office, not your WordPress back office — the url will be the cPanel url you received when you  requested the AIOP hosting.)

Find the icon that says “File Manager” and click. In the file manager, double click beside “www” and then click on “upload file.” Browse to find the file on your computer and click “upload.” Check by typing “” into your browser address bar (replacing “yoursite” with your domain name and “report” with the name of the report) — the report should come up in your browser, or a dialogue box asking whether you want to open or save it.


AIOP NOTE: In AIOP back office  under the button Tutorials, there is a pdf and a video to guide you how to upload a file simple, without using a ftp client.


Set up an autoresponder as you did before, but this time put a link to the report in your first message. You can follow up with the series from AIOP.

Now create a squeeze page for the report.

Go to the classified sites and place a small ad for your report, giving the link to your squeeze page.

Text Ad Exchanges  come in different flavours. Some only have ads to be viewed on site, some have built in safelists. The best thing to do is to sign up and take some time to explore them. You will find a list in the Downline Builder. Don’t forget to add your referral links to the Downline Builder as you go.

Viral Traffic Builders  work on a multi level basis. You need to view the sites above you — generally around 6 — then your site gets added at the bottom.

As it works its way to the top, on each succeeding level more and more people are viewing your site. This can add up to thousands of views by the time your site gets to the top. That’s the good part.

The bad part is, each person is only viewing your site once. So, you want to capture their email so that you can present your offer to them several times. Again, the best way to do this is by offering a free report — but this time you want your report to be about some aspect of traffic.

After all, that is the only reason most of these viewers are looking at your site at all — they want traffic, and viewing your site is one way for them to get it.

So, offer them something that tells them more ways to get traffic. Set up your report, autoresponder and squeeze page as before, but using a traffic report, and use the link for your squeeze page as the link for these viral builders.

Now, go and sign up for all the ads sites  in the downline builder. Grab your referral url for each one and paste it into your spread sheet.

Once you have joined them all, log in to your AIOP account and click on “Rotator.”

Add each of the links into your rotator.

Now go and create a splash page (not a squeeze page this time — no autoresponder form) saying something about viral traffic, and link it to your rotator url.

Add the url for this splash page to your sites in each of the TEs. (Many TEs will not allow you to use rotators, but they will not stop you from using a splash page that links to a rotator.)

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