Module 10: Branding 

Module 9.

In this module I want to talk about branding … no, I don’t mean someone taking to you with a hot iron, but rather the need for potential customers to see you as a real person, not just a faceless, nameless “internet marketer.”

Unless you have been hiding under a sand dune in the middle of the Sahara Desert, I’m sure you have noticed quite a bit on the internet lately about «branding» and «promoting you.»

The reason that it is being talked about so much is simply that it is very important — in fact, it is probably THE most important thing you will do for your business.

You have probably heard the saying that, «All things being equal, people would rather buy from someone they know and trust. All things not being equal, people would still rather buy from someone they know and trust.»

Now, with this system we are not directly selling anything, but we are nonetheless asking people to «buy» — to buy the idea that the system will work for them (it will,) to buy into the income opportunities we offer, to buy the idea of working the system and not going off at tangents.

That means that you need to get your name and face out there into the public view as much as possible. When you sign up for a program that allows you to add your photo, do. Put your photo on your splash and squeeze pages.

Use your own name (From …) in the subject lines of your emails, both those to your own list and those you send through SafeLists.

A word about your photo: it should look professional — in other words, not a pic of you at the beach showing off your beautiful bod, or lounging around the house in a track suit, or pulling silly faces. It also should look warm, friendly and inviting — nobody wants to do business with someone who looks like an old grouch!

Another way to establish branding is by joining social networks that are set up specially for internet marketers. Each one is a little bit different, so take some time to explore them.

Of course, the absolute most important thing you can do for your “brand” is to make sure you deliver — in fact, over deliver — on all your promises.

Even when you are giving away free ebooks, don’t give away garbage.

Ask yourself whether you would feel this was worthwhile to download — and if you don’t, then don’t palm it off on other people.

In your autoresponder sequences, don’t just have sales pitch after sales pitch … offer good quality content, and a quality freebie here and there. Your readers will love it, and will want to open  your mail, rather than unsubscribing or — worse! — just deleting your mail unopened.

As in all things, the “Golden Rule” is a good guideline — treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

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