Visitor’s traffic to your site is not possible without SEO OPTIMIZATION!

It is necessary for your resources — website or blog to be «seen» by search engines and properly ranked, thereby providing traffic to your web resource.

SEO — means «like» search engines. There are three types of CEOs — INTERNAL, EXTERNAL and UZABILITY:

  • Internal optimization of text, headers, meta tags, remove duplicate content, etc.
    External Seo — free and paid incoming links to your site
  • Usability and quality of content — to obtain adequate user behavior on your resource and in the issuance of search engines, which will be typical for your subject.

The first two groups of factors are aimed at attracting the maximum number of visitors from the search engines (by moving to the Top 10 for the necessary requests), but the third group of SEO factors are aimed at keeping of the positions won.

Now only the unique content is important, the copied content is NOT PASSED ! You can run into the filter or ban.

The site must meet certain technical requirements of search engines (prohibiting indexing of duplicate pages, correct server response codes, etc.).

Be sure to add your site in the panels for webmasters from Google.

Check the download speed of the site. Now — this is one of the many factors of SEO, which is taken into account when ranking.

Internal CEO.

Do you make up an approximate semantic core before writing an article?

For this we use  Google Wordstat. Be sure to use the keywords in the Title — at the beginning of the most frequent. In the text, somewhere one percent of the keys of the total number of words and not more than one key in one paragraph. In the intermediate Html headers H1 — H6, the use of keywords is also desirable, plus in the «Description meta tags», if you so desire Keywards, although you can forget about the latter.

Just do not forget about the «Alt» and «Title» attributes of the» Img» tag. Very carefully added keywords will be taken into account when ranking is in a normal search, and also helps to the images from your site to participate in the search for Google images.

Another very important factor is internal SEO optimization like implementation of linking, not plug-ins and extensions, but contextual links from the body of articles.

Internal links have the same effect on SEO, as external ones, transmit static weight, and when ranking search engines take into account the anchors (texts) of these links.

Write in the HTML code in the «keywords» — the main keywords of your semantic core.

Buy for your resource «external links». They help the ranking of the site search engines.

In the “description” — it is necessary to describe briefly and essentially the main key phrases of the semantic core.

External CEO

Site registration in search engines may be needed at the initial stage of the project development to speed up of its detection by these search engines.
Adding it into the catalogs  like Dmoz and other trust directories, which can give some additional impetus to the entry of your project in the Top.
The behavior of users on the site and in search results is now taken into account by all search engines, and it is aspect that able to eliminate all of your efforts at SEO optimization. It’s not enough to get into the Top 10, you still need to stay there. If to speak briefly, then you will need to be quite careful about SEO copywriting, because it can lead to the re-optimization of texts and worsen behavioral factors.
Spell checker Illiterate texts will lead to a deterioration of behavioral factors and the subsequent departure from the Top.

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