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So, you’ve wrote the first book!


In order for the future readers to see it — do not rush it to exhibit on the Amazon or Smashvords platforms or other electronic stores.


Because of your ebook needs to have the reader’s traffic!

For this item you need to place it somewhere. You can post it in the social networks or in other sites. But there are the social networks are pushed it to the bottom, where the visitors do not go there.

So,You need a permanent platform where you will advertise your e-book.

This place is a simple website.

First of all I recommend to you a website on the WordPress platform.

Secondly, the WordPress platform is the most flexible and easy for everyone to master site.

Thirdly, you can add  in it a lot of useful plugins, which automate of your work in advertising and promoting  the electronic books.

Fourth, You are able to create the website on WordPress yourself, or you can order a similar service with the webmasters, for example, at Fiverr.com

So, if you have already created a website — place your book there.

In the site you must have:

  • Ebook,
  • Picture,
  • Table of contents of your book,
  • Short description.
  • And of course — the review of the book — one or more…

Where is your book published — on the Amazon platform, Smashwords or other major online stores?

You should make links from your site which lead to the accounts in these electronic stores.

The subscription form for your future visitors  it should be placed in your site.

How to create  the traffic of visitors to your literary web resource — to your website or link to  the accounts on Amazon or Smashwords — I will teach you.

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