Traffic through YouTube video in Facebook and Instagram

If you have a video with your e-book, especially if it is a video series where you yourself, as an author, read your work in chapters, here’s a tip:

Start posting your videos in your fan pages or in your public pages.

Facebook Video Promotion
The market is struggling for video including FBs, it very loyal for promoting video within the social services.

Strengthening Facebook posts
Excellent opportunity that allows you automatically show the post to a larger number of target audiences. It is cheap, effective,suitable for attracting  the people to a page, and subscribers to a capture page.

Friending Facebook
Again, good old welcome. Globally, there is no limit to the FB, but the audience that comes with an invite is not very active. Add to friends, then you can go further.

Targeted Facebook Ads
There are much fewer settings but the tasks are slightly different. Covers, visits, etc. Great for selling goods and services.

Massfollowing in the Instagram
The classic subscription method is to get a back subscription. In the current realities of 1000 subscriptions gives 10-30 mutual subscriptions. Advantages — a detailed search for CA, minimal costs.

Massliking in Instagram
Same as MF, but slightly less efficient. Like people, they subscribe to you in response. Average conversion is 3-7%.

Instagram Targeted Advertising
Recently appeared and quite effective. People respond best to the video. Don’t forget, you have 5 seconds to impress a person and get him to watch the video.

Crops on topical Instagram posts
At one time, it was a very effective way to attract subscribers, but at the moment, efficiency has fallen dramatically.You can wait for a subscription only from really interested people. Sales are possible.

Placement of native advertising with bloggers on Instagram
The same as any other social network. Always effective, but very expensive. Start from the tasks and budget.

Instagram Contests
It only makes sense if you have a really interesting idea for a competition or a valuable prize. In this case, you can get a good result.

Mass feed on Twitter
With Twitter, Massfalling began, where he stayed. Sell ​​something is unlikely to. But if you need coverage, then it makes sense to try.

Preroll on YouTube
Place your video before the start of someone else’s video. There are so many interesting ways to realize how to interest a person in such a video. Include fantasy.

YouTube Ads Ads
Placing your video after watching someone else’s video. The problem is that only a small part of users inspect to the end. But if you need exclusively interested, then you can try postrol.

YouTube banner ads
Conventional teasers on rollers and on the side of them. You can use a large number of tasks. There is one nuance with YouTube, you really need to think and be creative, and not just sculpt teasers.

Advertise on top blogger YouTube channels
Very dependent on the format and how the ad will be listed. If this is a beautiful native, then you can expect a great result. If this is a banal «buy», then expect negative and big spending.

Collaborative video on TOP blogger YouTube channel
Again, insane efficiency. The only question is that this method is more suitable not for direct sales, but for attracting an audience to your channel. Price horror 🙂

Product Placement in Top Blogger YouTube
With the transition to YouTube, nothing has changed, very effectively and insanely expensive. But if you have a budget, then immediately «yes.» Great for selling anything.

Like your video from TOP blogger YouTube
At one time, this method gave a very great interest to your channel. Now the result is incommensurable with consumption, so it makes sense when coverage is important and there are no restrictions on budgets.

Optimization of video for a search query on YouTube
This is the best and free way to promote. But for it you need to build a semantic core, and correctly do the optimization.

There is SEO and you can bring your video on search results ahead. Those who really need to learn, understand and be able to get excellent results.

Video promotion on YouTube search query
If you are too lazy to optimize, you can show your video for certain search queries on YouTube for money. Price is loyal.

Video output in TOP (recommendations) YouTube
Expensive but effective. Mass sales are certainly not expected, but the coverage, subscriptions, views and recognition will definitely appear.

Tags for getting into recommendations on YouTube videos
Everything has long been described in Google. It is necessary to do so that when someone watches a video, he is recommended to him your video as the next one to be viewed or as similar.

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